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Michu Interactive Cat Treat Dispenser Tumbler Toy - Fun and Rewarding Playtime for Your Feline Friend


At Michu, we're passionate about creating products that enhance the bond between pets and their owners. Our cat treat dispenser toy is no exception, offering a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your cat.

Interesting Design

This cat toy ball has 2 exchange balls, a ball and a feather to attract your pets to play. With tumbler design, these balls can interact with your pets. Transparent storage tank of the food ball makes your pet to find the inside food easily and directly.

Slow Feeding

Adjust the size of the food leakage hole according to your needs. When your pets are playing with this feeder ball, snacks will fall out of the ball. You can use this toy as a slow feeder, which helps your pet to develop slow-eating habit.

Safety Durable 

Made of ABS and PC material safely non-toxic. Has a smooth surface durable environment friendly, easy to clean. Suitable for pet cats, also dogs.

Excellent Gift

This toy will help your pets reduce boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise. Perfect interactive toy for you to reward or accompany your pet.