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Michu Ceramic 3pcs Dinnerware Set- Raised Bowl and Plate Set for Everyday Pets Essentials

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Everyday Dinnerware Sets

Michu Ceramic 3pcs Dinnerware Set comes with 1 food bowl, 1 water bowl and 1 shallow plate to fulfill the paws daily need. Made of Premium Ceramics.The Essentials Set combines the Ceramics and Flatware you’ll use every single one of your years and days. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Material & Safety

Michu Ceramic Dinnerware Set are made of premium ceramics which fired over 1000 degree Celsius. They’re High-temperature resistance, cadmium and lead free, won't hold on to bacteria that caused chin acne, and 100% food safe. The ceramic material is easy to clean, non-porous and great durability that can be used for years.

Wide Shallow Design

The Wide Shallow Plate is diameter of 5.5-inch and height of 1.3-inch. It is specifically designed for kittens. It allows them to get the food easier, to prevents whisker fatigue from reaching a high bowl, while keeps it's face neat instead of place the head into the bowl.The thick porcelain material will also keep the bowl steady and not easily flipped or spilled the food by your kitten.Able to hold both dry and wet food.

Food & Water Bowl

The Hat shape Food Bowl has diameter of 7.4-inch and height of 2.3-inch. The special curve design fitted the cute cheek and jaw when they lower the head to the food.Able to hold dry or wet food.

The Water Bowl is diameter of 6.9-inch, and height of 2.8-inch. Hold up to 5.07 fl. oz. of water.

High Temperature Resistant to set your hands free