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What Type of Toy Should I Buy for My Cat?

What Type of Toy Should I Buy for My Cat?

Cats are notorious for being sleepy and lazy, but cats need exercise and stimulation to lead happy and productive lives. 


Toys are a great way to get the right kind of exercise and engagement. The cat toy industry is huge, so it can be hard to pick out safe and effective cat toys for your pet. Continue reading for all you need to know about selecting the best cat toys. 

Why Toys are Important for Cats

Playtime is very important for cats. Cats have an instinct to hunt, and that instinct needs to be nurtured for your cat to stay stimulated and happy. Playing also provides cats with exercise, which helps keep them within a healthy weight. 

Toys bolster that stimulation and entertainment for your cat by specifically appealing to their instincts. Look for toys that move, make sounds, or offer treats.

Playing with toys also encourages bonding between you and your cat and makes everyone happy. Many pet owners are out of the house for many hours during the day, running errands and working. Unwinding with a good playtime session increases the affection between you and your cat. 

What Makes a Good Cat Toy

A good cat toy should be safe and engaging for your cat. Different cats may have different toy preferences, so you may need to try a couple to find the ones that are most stimulating for your cat. 

Stimulation is anything that captures your cat’s attention and keeps it. They may be chasing after a toy, batting at a ringing bell, or trying to get a treat out of a puzzle toy. Engaging your cat keeps their brains working and can help them lead strong, long, and healthy lives. 

Our Top 4 Premium Cat Toys

Are you looking for safe and stimulating cat toys? The market is huge; there are thousands of cat toys to choose from. It is up to you to pick the best ones for your pet.

What cat toys do cats like the most? Read on for our top four choices. 

The Robo-Toy 

For the toy that engages without putting you to work, get the Mayitwill Little Snow Monster Automatic Cat Toy. This smart robot moves throughout your home while intuitively avoiding your furniture, so your cat won’t damage your possessions while you are out of the house. 

The Mayitwell Little Snow Monster has a flashing light to keep your cat focused. Available in sheep and deer styles, this toy zips all around on a rechargeable battery. 

This toy is great for encouraging independent play. Simply turn the toy on before leaving for the day, and your cat will have something to keep occupied while you are gone. You will come home to a well-exercised and happy cat.

The Toy for the Kitty That Won’t Stay Out of Your Plants

If you have a cat that won’t stop eating your greenery, you should invest in a plant that is safe for them to digest. Many cats like to eat grass to help them digest, but many houseplants are unsafe and toxic for cats. 

When you start to notice your cat chewing at your plants, get the Mayitwill All in One Soil Free Cat Grass Grow Kit. This kit comes with everything you will need to grow your cat-friendly grass in no time. 

This kit has something fun for you and your kitty! You and your family will love to watch the seeds grow and your cat will love having a healthy snack available to ease their tummies. 

The Treat Toy 

If your cat needs something a bit more mentally stimulating, get the Michu Cat Catnip Felt Ball Cat Toy. This toy makes your cat work for a treat as a reward. 

The ball itself is made of soft felted wool that is safe for your kitty’s paws and mouth. The organic catnip inside will grab your cat’s attention and keep it until they figure out how to open it.

Your cat will love chasing the ball around. Once they figure out how to open it up, they will reach a capsule treat. 

Select One Toy or Try Them All!

Whether you want an automatic toy or a cat wand or something in between, there is something for every kind of pet owner and cat. Be sure to select toys that are safe and stimulating for your pet, so you can have all of the fun with none of the pain.

With so many great toys to choose from, your cat is sure to have many playful days ahead. For more information about these great cat toys, visit our shop now.