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Mayitwill Little Snow Monster Automatic Cat Toy


There are lots of cat toys available in the market today. But there is nothing quite like a toy that mimics real prey. Satisfy your cat’s instincts of chasing its prey with this interactive snow toy. Give your feline friend something fun to do even when you’re not around to be her playmate while you’re busy at work or running errands. This rechargeable Mayitwill Little Snow Monster Automatic Cat Toy, available in the form of Sheep and Deer, will provide endless hours of fun and chase for your beloved pet. Its captivating flashing light at the bottom makes it even more irresistible!

Here are some awesome benefits you’ll get with this product:

Allows your cats to play safely

Let your feline friend navigate safely through the entire house while playing with this cute and interactive snow toy. It is designed to playfully move around by automatically avoiding obstacles on its way and in its surroundings. This feature allows your cat to chase its toy in safe areas and will prevent any damage to your expensive furniture and appliances. Your cat may roll under a chair or bed as it plays with its toy without knocking off or breaking any item in your home. This also ensures that your pet stays away from any danger.

Flashing bottom light to capture cat’s attention

Keep your cats interested. The Mayitwill Litter Snow Monster Automatic Cat Toy features a flashing light at the bottom to attract the cat’s attention and engage its mind. This flashing light makes it even more fun to play with in the dark as she waits for you to come home from work!

Encourages independent play

Inside this snow toy is a built-in sensor that allows it to start and stop automatically with just a touch from your cat. You don’t have to be around to turn on this snow toy for your cat. It will automatically turn on with a single stroke from your beloved pet. When touched mistakenly, it goes into standby mode within 5 seconds to conserve energy.

Rechargeable via USB Type-C Port

For added convenience, there is no need to purchase batteries for this toy. This snow toy comes with a rechargeable battery via its USB Type-C port. Give your cat as much as 5-6 hours of uninterrupted fun playtime with one full charge.

Why get this toy for your cat?

  • This product is recommended for bored indoor cats with busy pet owners or little human interaction.
  • Your feline friend will love the chase as it truly mimics real prey and satisfies their hunting instincts.
  • It promotes the physical activity and overall well-being of your pet. It is also recommended for overweight pets. Endless hours of chasing can help them lose unwanted weight.
  • It improves your cat’s mental health as it engages the mind and boosts its mood. Relieving boredom can also reduce behavioral problems.

Add this  Mayitwill Little Snow Monster Automatic Cat Toyto your cart today and give your feline friend something to chase and have fun with all day when you’re not around!

  • Brand: MAYITWILL
  • Design: Sheep and Deer
  • Color: White and Red