Michupet XL Castle 2-in-1 Front Entry Cat Litter Box with Scratch Basin & Scoop Included, White


Cat Litter Boxes


Give your cats the perfect litter box with Michupet's XL Castle 2-in-1 Front Entry Cat Litter Box with Scratch Basin & Scoop Included! This litter box is designed with a unique castle-shaped design and features a removable scratch basin. It's made from durable plastic and comes with a scoop for easy cleaning. Get your XL Castle 2-in-1 Front Entry Cat Litter Box today and keep your cats happy and mess-free!

Get them the Cat Castle Semi Closed Litter Box and make them feel like they are the pets of someone with royal blood! Check out these features that will wow even an aristocrat:


  • PROVIDE YOUR CAT A COVERED TOILET so that they can poop with privacy! It is designed as a covered space so that they will feel like they have their own secret space when they need to do their own thing.


  • MAKES IT EASY FOR YOU TO CLEAN as you can conveniently pull out the litter box and scoop out your cat litter with ease! It comes with its own compartment that easily captures your cat’s poop so that you can clean up after them with less effort.


  • COMES WITH A SEPARATE CATCH BASIN which catches any stray pebbles or particles that has attached itself on your little friends’ fur.


  • IT ALSO INCLUDES A REST AREA where your lovely pet can lounge around and relax after a long day of playing.


  • WITH ITS ADORABLE CASTLE-LIKE FIXTURE, your pets would definitely feel like they are wearing a crown on their head! A true king or queen deserves all the love you can give.


Treat your furry friend as special as you can when you get them this beautiful litter box!