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How to show cats you love them?

How to show cats you love them?

One of the most frustrating things about being a cat parent is finding ways to effectively communicate with our fur babies. We all want our cats to know how much we love them, don’t we? Unfortunately, cats can seem distant and preoccupied, seemingly uninterested in our affection and company. The truth is, cats and people just express feelings differently, so your love is being lost in translation. If you can speak your cat’s language, you can let them know just how you feel, and strengthen your bond in the process. Here are some ways to show your cat that you love them.

Blink Slowly and Gaze Lovingly Into Her Eyes

Your cat might not appreciate being showered with kisses (and she may think you’re a little crazy if you try), but you can “kiss” her kitty style by meeting her loving gaze. One way that cats show affection is by looking at someone they trust and slowly closing their eyes. You can return this display by getting on her level, meeting her gaze, and slowly blinking back at her. Kitty will know exactly what you are trying to say.

Cats use head bunting to show affection even in the wild. It's not just a scent marking thing; it's a way of showing respect and trust. A cat whose head is down is a bit more vulnerable, and exposing that vulnerability to you means your kitty trusts you completely. 

Mimic Her Voice

If you’re the parent of a chatty kitty, you may notice that she has special meows, coos, or trills that she reserves especially for the humans that she’s close to. Imitate her sounds during a tender moment. She will understand it as a display of affection from you, and you’ll be helping her feel safe, secure, and loved.

Let Her Rub On You

Have you ever wondered why your cat rubs against your leg or butts her head against you? Cats have special scent glands located on their cheeks and heads. When your kitty rubs against you, she’s paying you the ultimate compliment of leaving her scent behind and claiming you as part of her family.

You can accept this gesture by allowing her to claim you. Lean into her little kitty head bonks, nuzzle your face into hers, and don’t move away as she’s winding herself around your legs. You may even be able to initiate the behavior yourself to some extent. While it’s probably not going to go well if you try to head butt your cat, you can extend your index finger towards her nose to give her the opportunity to rub her cheeks along your hand.

Groom Her

Grooming is another way cats spread their scent to create a sense of family and belonging. While imitating her actions exactly wouldn’t be a good idea (unless you want to wind up with a mouth full of fur) you can still show your love by “grooming” her, human style. Try brushing her gently. Or, you can pet her with a pair of grooming gloves. Some cats even enjoy having a warm, damp cloth rubbed along their heads and backs since it takes them back to the tongue baths their moms gave them when they were kittens.

Don’t Skip the Vet

Okay, so your cat may not interpret a trip to the vet as a sign of affection, but she won’t hold it against you either! And even though going to the vet is probably not your cat’s favorite thing to do, it is paws down one of the best ways you can show you care.

Cats are masters at hiding signs of sickness and discomfort. Without regular visits to the vet, you could miss an important chance to diagnose and treat small health issues before they become big ones. Say “I love you” to your cat by taking care of her health so that she can enjoy a long, happy life with her favorite human!

Take A Cat Nap

A cat who loves and trusts you will be completely comfortable sleeping around you. They're more likely to see you as a protector if they can feel safe when they're at their most vulnerable near you.

You don't always have to share your bed with your kitty, but if you're curling up on the couch for some Netflix, curl up with your cat and catch some z's. Your feline will feel the love knowing that you both trust each other.

Try Some Training

Contrary to what some people think, cats are very trainable. In fact, they're probably bored when they go for a long time without mental stimulation. You can relieve that boredom by teaching them some new tricks.

Training will allow you to strengthen your bond and your understanding with your cat and will also allow you to reward your kitty for a job well done.

Your rewards will help your cat see you as a provider, and they'll know that they can count on you. This will help build your relationship, and before long, your cat will be feeling all the love.

Learn Their Language

Your kitty may be showing you their belly as a sign that they're comfortable around you, but that doesn't mean they always want a belly rub.

Get to know how your cat communicates. There are plenty of body language and vocal indicators that will help you know what your cat wants and what they're saying.

If you see signs of stress, you'll be able to help your kitty de-stress, and if you see signs of comfort, you can help your kitty keep the good vibes going.

This will encourage your cat to see you as a protector and friend, and they'll know that your love is keeping them safe and happy!