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How to Find the Perfect Cat Litter Box

How to Find the Perfect Cat Litter Box

There are more than 3.8 million cats across the country! We obviously have some strong feelings about our furry friends.

If you're thinking about getting a cat or already own one, a cat litter box is often one of the first items you'll buy. After all, your kitty needs a safe, clean place to do its business.

But there are so many boxes on the market. They vary in price, style, material, and size - how do you choose the perfect one?

Keep reading for the definitive guide on choosing the best cat litter box to keep your fluffy friend happy!

Cat Litter Box Basics

Studies have found that cats have a preferred bathroom environment. They need a large amount of space and good quality odour-reducing litter.

When purchasing a litter box, the general rule of thumb is to have an extra box available. Meaning one cat will need two litter boxes, two cats will need three, and so on. This reduces accidents and caters to your kitty's picky personality.

Location is also an important aspect of creating a good litter box environment. You wouldn't want to do your business in a dark, scary room, and neither does your cat.

So while hiding the box in your laundry room may be tempting, cats usually don't appreciate the loud machines. A quiet closet, empty bedroom, or unused corner of your living room is a much better location.

All Cat Litter Boxes Are Not Created Equal

Many first-time cat owners will buy the most basic plastic tub and call it a day. But there's a lot of variety in cat litter boxes. Let's look at some pros and cons of different types of boxes.

Basic Plastic Open-Top Box

This type of litter box is easy to find at any pet store or supermarket. It includes a simple plastic box and a scooper. Open-top boxes usually create the most litter tracking, where litter becomes stuck to your cat's paws and gets spread throughout your home.


  • easy to clean
  • very affordable
  • can fit in small spaces


  • unattractive
  • can cause litter to spray out
  • won't mask bad smells

Covered Litter Box

covered litter box is an upgraded version of the basic box. It's closed on all sides and features a small opening or flap for your cat to enter.



  • some cats will need time to adjust
  • can be easy to forget regular cleaning
  • can be difficult for your cat to enter

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

These little robots do all the dirty work for you! You can usually program them to clean the litter box after every use. You'll then need to empty all the waste every few days.


  • no need to scoop
  • effectively removes bad smells
  • can reduce tracking


  • expensive
  • requires a learning curve
  • can scare cats that are anxious/jumpy
  • still needs regular cleaning

Hidden Litter Box

How would you like to have a litter box that doesn't look anything like a litter box? Hidden boxes are becoming more popular these days. For small spaces, these can be a life-saver!

Some boxes are made to look like plant pots, side tables, or just beautifully designed decor. No one would ever know your kitty is digging around inside.


  • can be placed anywhere
  • attractive design
  • conceals smells
  • provides privacy


  • can be expensive
  • can be difficult to clean/scoop

Cat owners spend approximately $960 a year on their furry companions. A good litter box should be a sizeable chunk of that number! After all, it's the best way to prevent your new little friend from having an accident on your bed or sofa.

What Your Cat Is Really Looking For

Just like you, your cat needs a safe, quiet, and clean place to use the bathroom. Providing a large enough box, clean litter, and extra bathrooms is what your kitty needs!

A semi-closed litter box is a perfect solution for you and your feline friend. They offer extra privacy for sensitive business but they are easy for your kitty to enter and leave.

Some boxes like the Mayitwill XL Castle even come with a pull-out cat litter tray. This makes it so much easier for you to scoop and provide a dry litter box for your cat. There's also no need for a litter box mat because the entry corridor captures extra bits!

Cat owners love the design of this litter box. Shaped like an adorable castle, the box features a scratch pad on top for your kitty to sharpen their nails. Your pet can use it to rest or lounge as well!

The Often-Overlooked Importance of Style

You shouldn't have to compromise on style when purchasing accessories for your cat. If your home design doesn't go with a loud, colourful plastic litter box, that's fine.

Stylish litter boxes, like the Glow House, are so sleek that no one would ever guess you've got cat poop in the middle of your living room! Inspired by modern architecture, this is one box you've got to see to believe.

The house-shaped box features a semi-tinted wall so your cat can have their privacy. There are also secret compartments for the storage of scoopers and bags. Even Martha Stewart herself raves about this gorgeous product.

Give Your Fluffy Friend What They Deserve

Providing the perfect cat litter box for your kitty will make them feel happy, safe, and loved. Which, in turn, means more snuggles and kisses for you.

With so many fashionable options available, satisfying their happiness and your style is possible. And remember, if your cat has accidents or refuses to use its box, you may need to upgrade.

It's always good to test out a few different options and designs to see which they prefer. Generally, the more private, the better! And size does matter, so choosing the biggest amount of space you can find will make a difference.

Ready to send your kitty to the bathroom in style? Browse the Michupet selection of gorgeous litter boxes to upgrade their experience.