MAYITWILL Mounted Window Cat Tree With Scratchpost, Dangling Toy and Window Perch


The cats consider themselves to be household royals which is why they like to perch in high places to keep an eye on the minion. It is entirely out of context that the cat experts argue that they do it for safety and to be able to spot danger from afar. You can choose whichever reason you like best when buying this cloud shaped cat perch for your cat. This cat tree comes with two sisal wrapped wooden scratch posts and a cloud shaped perching platform. The window climbing perch is easy to install and your cat will love to have another comfortable vantage point to keep an eye on its realm.

Key Benefits:

●Multipurpose Interactive Cat Tree: This cat tree provides your cat with multiple options for activities. It can scratch, climb, perch and watch the world.

●Durable and Heavy Duty Cat Tree: This cat tree is designed to give years of pleasure to your cat. It is made with natural wood and covered with jute rope. The perch is made with a thick acrylic sheet. The cat perch is deemed safe for cats weighing up to 9 kgs.

●Easy to Install: The cat perch can be mounted on any window with minimal effort It is easy to assemble and provides several different combinations of mounting the 2 pillars as per your liking.

●No Drill Suction Cup Wall Mounting: No need to drill holes in the walls to mount this tree. It comes with two heavy duty suction cups. It can be attached to any smooth surface including walls and window glass.

●Attractive Cat Window Seat: Simple and minimalistic design and a natural color scheme make this a very attractive cat tree. It will enhance the aesthetics of the room while providing your cat with an ideal activity center.