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Michupet Castle Cat Water Fountain

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Keep your cats hydrated with Michupet's Castle Cat Water Fountain! This stylish cat water fountain is designed with a unique castle-shaped design, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your home. It features a quiet submersible pump and an adjustable flow rate, so your cats can drink at their own pace. Plus, it's easy to clean and refill, making it a great choice for busy pet parents. Get your Michupet Castle Cat Water Fountain today and keep your cats happy and hydrated!

Multiple Filtration System


Quench your pet’s thirst by providing her with fresh and clean water in a durable food-grade drinking bowl with a multiple filtration system that effectively removes water impurities, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.


Efficient UV Sterilization System


The Mayitwill Castle Cat Water Fountain can serve water to multiple cats in your home without the risk of cross-infection among them. Its efficient UV sterilization system ensures that fresh and clean water is served to each pet at any given time to keep them hydrated and active all day. It comes with a UVG germicidal lamp that effectively kills, inactivates, and removes up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the water to make it healthy and safe for your pets to drink.


Two-Modes Switch to Save Energy and Water 


This water fountain features two modes with a one-key switch: normal mode offers a continuous water flow while the smart mode runs for five minutes and automatically shuts off for three minutes to save on energy and water. The recessed design of the pump enables it to save on water as it maintains a water level of less than or equal to 6.76 fl. oz., ready for your cats to drink. 


Minimalist Design with Multi-color Selection


Choose from the different colors available to suit your home environment. Its minimalist design easily blends into any living room or bedroom theme. Its simple design allows for easy separation of the upper and lower segments for cleaning convenience. You will not notice any oxidation at the bottom which makes it even easier to clean. Simply lift the upper segment to cut off the power supply. It is designed with a Wireless Water Pump Induction Supply to effectively prevent any leakage, making it safe for you and your beloved pets.


Replaceable Filter


Ensure fresh and clean drinking water rich in oxygen for your pets by replacing its filter once a month. 


Promotes Proper Drinking Posture


Constantly bending over to drink can cause neck and back strain for your pets. The ideal height of the MAYITWILL water fountain allows your pet to drink without excessively bending over.


How to use:

 1. Fill the water tank with water, do not exceed the maximum limit indicator.

 2. Connect the hose with the wireless water pump and the muffler cover, and place it in the water tank with the water inlet of the water pump facing the UVC lamp. 

 3. Cover the water tank lid, and place the transparent drinking tray on the water tank lid. Turn it clockwise to tighten.

 4. Place the clean filter element in the cylinder, then place the filter cotton, and finally insert the water outlet.

5. Insert the power cord into the host, and place the assembled water dispenser on the chassis. Ensure that the logo is aligned with the position of the chassis button.

6. Turn the power on.


Recommended pet type: cats and small/medium dogs


Eliminate the risk of pet dehydration and provide your pets with fresh and clean water all day by adding this Mayitwill Castle Cat Water Fountain to your cart today!