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Vigour Party Cat Tree – The Perfect Playground for Your Cat!

$135.20 Regular price $169.00

Give your cat the perfect playground with the Vigour Party Cat Tree. This tree is designed to provide your cat with hours of fun and entertainment. It features multiple levels, sisal scratching posts, and several platforms that give your cat plenty of space to play. Plus, its durable construction and stable base ensure that it stays in place during playtime. Give your cat the perfect playground with the Vigour Party Cat Tree!

Key Benefits:

Multi-platform Fun

Three levels keep feline fun on the rise, with plenty of jumping platforms. These platforms can be used for both rest and exercise. Also, offers the comfort and security any cat personality requires. In particular, the base of this cat tree does not occupy a large area, so even if the activity area in the house or apartment is limited, it will not affect the cat’s joy of jumping up and down.

Unique Design

The beautiful and sleek design will enhance the look of your home's interior. Unlike most cat trees on the market, the main body of the cat tree does not use Faux Fur, but density board. This reduces the risk of damage when the cat scratches. The partition design of the base can be used to store cat supplies. Or placing some books or green plants will also bring a different experience to home decoration.

Cat's Playground

Great cat tower for scratching, climbing, and exercising. We recommend placing it near the window or in the corner, cats love looking out the windows. Your feline friends need their own island to play, nap, or jump around. The combination of scratching post and toy ball adds more play ability to cats. Also suitable for families with multiple cats.

Easy To Install

Vigour Party cat tree can be installed easily in 30 minutes. Don't worry about assembly of the cat tree. If you have any questions for our cat tree, please feel free to contact us.


Product Information:

  • Color: Eucalyptus Green
  • Package Weight: 17.19lb
  • Package size: 41.33*19.68*19.68in