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MAYITWILL Cat Litter Scoop, ABS/ PP Alloy Kitten Pooper Lifter, Durable, for Litter Box


With this self contained scoop, you don't need to lean the scoop against the wall or sit on the box. Having a holder for the cat scoop, keeping it off the floor and putting it in a position easy to grab. This cat poop scooper allows you to neatly hide the scoop after use.

Here are some awesome benefits you’ll get with this product:

A place to store the cat litter scooper

The litter scoop with holder to keep the litter scoop in when not in use, you don't need to lean the litter scooper against the wall or just sit on top of the litter box.

Durable and high quaility 

The cat litter scoop with holder is made of high quality ABS masterial. The solid handle is easy and comfortable to grasp. The base holder is sturdy itself, not easy to be knocked over.

Modern and clean 

The litter scooper is with cover, it can sit out in your bathroom without any worry about being bad-looking, helps to keep things clean and looking neater.

Easy to use 

The litter scooper can reach the bottom of the tray and scoop around the corners easily. The holes are of a good size so clean litter falls through while reducing wastage. It performs better than others when facing water and cat pee.

Nice addition to cat litter tray box 

The cat litter scooper with caddy, it looks contemporary and cute, will look harmonious with your cat litter box or tray, harder to notice in your bathroom, or you even you don't mind people seeing it.