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Are Silver Vine Sticks Safe for cats? - MichuPet

Are Silver Vine Sticks Safe for cats?

Are Silver Vine Sticks Safe for cats?

What is Silver Vine?

Silvervine is a plant whose actual name is Actinidia polygama. You probably aren’t familiar with it because it probably doesn’t grow where you live. It comes from the high elevations in the mountainous areas of Japan and China.

Cats respond to silvervine similarly to the way that they do to catnip, rolling, rubbing in it, drooling, and even licking it. The main difference is that in catnip, cats respond to the chemical compound nepetalactone. In silvervine, cats respond to the chemical actinidine.

Silvervine and catnip having different chemicals that make cats respond means that some cats who don’t respond to catnip will show interest in silvervine. Other cats respond to both. The amount of enthusiasm varies by the cat.

A study published showed that 65% of cats respond to catnip, and almost 80% of domestic cats respond to silvervine.


What’s the difference between catnip and silvervine?

Chemicals that attract cats:


  • Nepetalactone
  • Epinepetalactone
  • Iridomyrmecin
  • Isoiridomyrmecin
  • Dihydronepetalactone
  • Isodihydronepetalactone
  • Neonepetalactone

 Sliver vine:

  • Actinide
  • Dihydroactinidiolide
  • Isoiridomyrmecin
  • Iridomyrmecin
  • Isoiridomyrmecin
  • Neonepetalactone 

How do cats respond to silvervine?

When flies lay their eggs in silvervine fruit, they become bumpy and are known as “gall fruit”. Then they’re dipped in boiling water to kill the larvae inside and dried out in the sun. According to a study published in BMC Veterinary Research, cats predominantly respond to silvervine fruit galls. They’re available whole or ground into a light brown powder.  

The fruit, leaves, buds, and stems of silvervine have a sweet, pungent smell. But kittens (less than eight months old) and pregnant females might not have any reaction. Most cats will meow or moderately drool. They’ll also zip through the house, roll around on their sides or backs, give cheek or chin rubs, and bunny kick toys. Although silvervine isn’t as well-known in the Western world, it’s so popular in Asia that a cat’s reaction to it is known as the “Matatabi Dance.”

“The hallucination effects usually only last five to 30 minutes. At most, you’ll see signs for about an hour in your cat,” Ochoa says.


Is it safe for cats to ingest silver vine sticks?

Silver vine leaf sticks are considered safe and non-toxic for cats. But as an added precaution they advised that play sessions should be supervised, and if the stick does become particularly chewed or destroyed, then you could replace it with a new one or throw away just in case of splinters.


Is Silvervine good for cats?

Silvervine has a euphoric effect on cats, it makes them active, playful, affectionate and it has no side effects whatsoever. Aside from getting some exercise, the cat will also feel relaxed even after the effect of the silvervine has passed.


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